Why You Are Not Getting Your Elephant:
Elephant Children's Stories, artwork, and general silliness

Elefant watches TV on the "Sweet Seat"

In 2006, Dan's nephew was born. A few days later, on our way to see a movie, we stopped by this really cool toy store and bought a baby toy: a small blue elephant. While we were waiting for the movie to start, Dan started goofing off with the elephant, making him sing and dance, and mostly making me laugh.

At the time, we had widely different schedules, and didn't see each other much during the week. So we started taking turns setting up the elephant in funny "scenes" (cooking, listening to old tapes, writing bad checks, etc.) for the other person to find when coming back home... just for a few laughs...

After a few weeks, we still hadn't sent the gift, and I decided that we should keep the elephant: he was started to get a little dirty, and quite frankly, I was getting really attached to him! I told Dan I would stop by the toy store on the way home from work to get a new elephant which we would send his nephew as originally intended.

And then we had two elephants....

This could have easily turned into us having a house full of blue stuffed elephants! Thankfully, I found the elephant manufacturer on the Internet and shipped the third toy without ever seeing it!

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